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Specific Training Courses

Specific training courses tailored to the organisations needs. The coverage of the training is related to hard and soft skills to meet the client’s needs. The details are as follows:

Labor Law Training:

A. The Implication of Employment Contract: Fixed Duration Contract and Unfixed Duration Contract (Legal and Illegal Termination and Its compensation)-2 Days Training

B. The Calculation Method Based on Labour Law (2 Days Training)

C. Trade Union & Shop Steward (How to deal effectively)—2 Days Training

Soft Skills:

A. Supervisory and People Management Skills – 2 Days Training

B. How to Master the Presentation and Public Speaking Skills – 2 Days Training

C. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – 2 Days Training

D. How to Effective Manager – 2 Days Training

E. How to Lead Business Association Effectively – 2 Days Training

F. How To Break the Team – 2 Days Training

G. How to Fail the Communication at Workplace – 2 Days Training